Inframed InfraVet2020™ Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System

The Inframed InfraVet2020™ Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System

Conventional thermal imaging systems commonly used in industrial applications use complex camera technology. They have to, because they are designed to operate in a wide variety, and often hostile environments where speed is a prerequisite. Unfortunately these requirements come at great cost.

The design of the InfraVet2020™ is based totally on clinical requirements.

It's the only DITI System specifically designed for veterinary applications.

Why pay thousands of extra dollars for speed and expensive optics that actually reduce the sensitivity and specificity of the thermogram?

The InfraVet2020™ offers accurate measurements at half the cost of conventional systems with comparable temperature and spatial resolution. It is simpler, easier-to-use, more durable, and has longer camera calibration intervals. And it delivers the accuracy of the much more expensive systems.

The InfraVet2020™ has two parts, the IR camera and a standard PC or laptop computer, making the system very portable. The system has been designed with ease of use in mind ... there are few controls and the WinTes® software is intuitive and menu driven.

The Inframed InfraVet2020™ Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System The InfraVet2020's high-resolution display (76,000+ individual temperature readings per thermogram) offers a wide choice of palettes in full colour, isotherm or gray scale. And image manipulation includes isothermal temperature mapping and point-by-point temperature measurement with a cursor or statistical region of interest. The system can measure temperatures ranging from 10° C - 55° C to a sensitivity of 0.01° C and an accuracy of better than 100mk. Focus adjustment covers small areas down to 75 x 75mm.

Enhanced Software combines the power of the P.C. with the clinical capabilities of the InfraVet2020™ .

The InfraVet2020™ does more than simply scan and record thermal images. Because the system is PC based, tens of thousands of images can be stored and retrieved for later analysis. The ability to statistically analyze the thermograms at a later date is very important in clinical work. Copies of images can easily be sent (via email, floppy disk, etc.) to the Inframed interpretation service, or to referring vets or owners.

Veterinary D.I.T.I. is filling the gap in clinical diagnosis

Unlike most diagnostic modalities DITI is non invasive. It is a very accurate and reliable means of graphically mapping and displaying skin surface temperature. With DITI you can diagnose, evaluate, monitor and document a large number of injuries and conditions, including soft tissue injuries and sensory/autonomic nerve fibre dysfunction.

Veterinary DITI can :

Veterinary D.I.T.I. is a monitor of thermal abnormalities present in a number of diseases and physical injuries. It is used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as therapy follow up and rehabilitation monitoring, within clinical fields that include Rheumatology, Neurology, Sports medicine, Oncology, Orthopedics and many others.

Results obtained with Veterinary D.I.T.I. systems are totally objective and show excellent correlation with other diagnostic tests.

Improve your practice by Investing in the InfraVet2020™ and see your patients in a different light!

DITI Diagnose, fibrocysts perceive the smallest physiological change, such as inflammation, vascular disease, inflammation and breast cancer.

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