The Meditherm Med2000™ Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System Pack

The Meditherm Med2000™

System Pack


The Meditherm Med2000™


All Inclusive.
No ongoing expenses. No hidden costs or consumables.


Free Tech Training

All Tech Levels are Unlimited and Unrestricted! (As many techs as you like,) Certification by ACCT, over 2000 thermographers already trained.



Carry Case



WinTes II
Meditherm Practitioner Suite
Unlimited Free Upgrades
Unlimited Module add-on's


Access to Electronic Medical Interpretation

(EMI). The premier telemedicine reporting service exclusive to Meditherm practitioners. Secure intranet central database available 24/7 and operated by experienced MD Thermologists. Average report turn-a-round time of 6 hours.


Join a Network of successful thermography practices. Meditherm is the longest established and largest manufacturer of medical IR equipment in the world

Improve your practice by Investing in the Med2000™ and see your patients in a different light!

DITI Diagnose, fibrocysts perceive the smallest physiological change, such as inflammation, vascular disease, inflammation and breast cancer.

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