The Inframed IRIS 2160™

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The Inframed IRIS 2160™


The Inframed IRIS 2160™Detector

Spectral range

Optical resolution (IR)

Frame rate

Thermal sensitivity

Temperature measurement sensitivity (comparative Δ)

Auto Ambient correction


Temperature range in medical specification 17°C to 38°C (scalable via software)


PC interface

Ambient temperature

Storage temperature

Relative humidity

Enclosure size


Shock / vibration

Power supply

WinTES3 camera control and analysis software

Optional rechargeable power supply (back-up laptop or tablet)

The Inframed IRIS 2160™
The Inframed IRIS 2160™

DITI Diagnose, fibrocysts perceive the smallest physiological change, such as inflammation, vascular disease, inflammation and breast cancer.

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